Green Flag Award



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[title title=”Welcome to Play Lane” align=”text-left”][block-text type=”default” border_style=”none”]Situated towards the south-west of Ryde, Isle of Wight, Play Lane Millennium Green provides a “Breathing Space” on the edge of a built-up area. We hope you enjoy looking at our web site and that it may inspire you to visit our Green and enjoy its peaceful setting.[/block-text][vc_empty_space height=”32px”][block-text type=”default” border_style=”none”]Our Aim: To provide and maintain an open space to be known as Play Lane Millennium Green for the benefit of the inhabitants, to be used forever as an area for recreation and enjoyment of the countryside.[/block-text]

We have so much to offer! Start exploring the Green today!

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Play Lane Millennium Green is open for everyone to enjoy, this means that we must have Public Liability Insurance. We also have to carry out regular management of bramble and scrub clearing as well as thinning of the oak trees to encourage optimum growth.

Around £500 has to be raised every year to cover these costs.

If you regularly use and enjoy the Green, or just come across the green and you would consider donating a small sum of money, we would be more than grateful. Just £10 a year can make all the difference.

To make a donation simply click the button below of visit our Donate page to find out other ways of making money for the Green.


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