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Oct 14

Anti-slip surface on walkway

In the winter months the walkway can become very slippery from mud and algae on the surface and so it was decided to try and treat it to produce anti-slip properties.

After some research it was decided, in collaboration with Brian Richardson, (one of the instructors at the Isle of Wight Military Preparation College) that the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and then painted. Whilst the paint was still wet, sand was sprinkled on to produce an irregular rough surface thus enhancing its gripping properties. As usual this work was carried out very efficiently by the students under the supervision of their college instructors. If it is effective we shall go on to treat the dipping platform next year.

We are very grateful to Ryde Town Council for their help towards the cost of this project.

Walkway painting 3

Walkway painting

Walkway painting 1

Walkway painting 2