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May 25

Good to report…

It is good to report that the work on the footpaths in the Green is now complete. After looking at a number of options it was decided that the most cost effective way of getting the work done was by a contractor who was able to provide the necessary machinery and to arrange the transport of the tons of limestone chippings that were required.

Ralph Cook of Shorwell and his workers did an excellent job, first digging a very shallow trench at the site of the paths, laying a strong geotextile and then depositing limestone chippings on top and rollering them. They also dug out the
drainage ditch which had become very overgrown.

The Green Gym paid us two visits during May and once again worked extremely hard on a number of projects. They have put in a footbridge over the drainage ditch to link two parts of the new footpath, and they have also erected benches by the sculpture, on the Butterfly meadow and near the oak tree. A bench by the pond will be completed when more materials have been purchased.

One group of Green Gym members have also done a fantastic job in digging out large numbers of brambles from the Butterfly meadow which will give the wild flowers a chance to grow.