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Nov 03

IW Green Gym’s last vist for the year

Green Gym visit November 1st, 2017
Each year, about this time, the IW Green Gym give the Green an end of summer makeover. Although several small (but still important!) tasks were undertaken, the main event was to cut back all the growth at the Butterfly Meadow. Some of their previous visits here were plagued by “damp” weather but today it could not have been better – blue sky, light winds and pleasantly warm. All the more amazing considering it was the 1st of November.







Cleaning ivy from the entrance arch







Tidying the Butterfly Meadow

  A local resident

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  1. Pat Granny Tomlinson
    3 November 2017 at 2:48 pm ·

    They always do a great job for us! Thank you all!