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Nov 08

RHS In Bloom Awards

“It’s Your Neighbourhood” is South & South East in Blooms  major community participation programme, and is run on behalf of the RHS “Britain in Bloom” Campaigns.  This programme focuses on community participation and judging takes into account

  • Community Participation (40%)
  • Environmental Responsibility (30%)
  • Gardening Achievement (30%


Brian attended the South and SouthEast in Bloom Awards in Brighton in September and the town of Ryde was awarded Silver Gilt in the Large Towns section.

In the “It’s Your Neighbourhood” section Play Lane Millennium Green achieved  “Level 5 Outstanding” and in addition was awarded the RHS National Certificate of Distinction, one of only two given at that ceremony.   Cert of Distinction RHS0001

At the “Ryde in Bloom” Awards ceremony held this week our Green was given a “Certificate of Excellence” by South and South East in Bloom, with which we were highly delighted, as this recognises all the hard work put in by all the volunteers who help on the Green through the year, not forgetting the Green Gym who achieve so much on their visits to us.Cert of Excellence S & SE in Blo