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May 18

Small Work-in to Finish Laying a Footpath

A small work-in was held on the Green on May 11th to finish laying a footpath on the beach area by the pond using the remaining stone chippings on a geotextile base as before.

The path leading to the bridge accessed through the archway has now been strengthened and ramped so that a disabled person with a robust mobility scooter may now be able to access at least part of the Green. He is already able to drive down the bridleway and along the footpath to Hillrise Avenue and he feels that a diversion on to the Green will make his “walks” more interesting.

Strimming of the grass has been carried out to widen this path area and also around the sculpture to display it to better effect.

We have had one or two donations as a result of the notice on the gate appealing to local inhabitants and purchases through the Easyfundraising site continue to bring in small but significant amounts of money.