"A Breathing Space for Ryde"

Welcome to Play Lane Millennium Green, a breathing space for Ryde. Pack your bags, bring your dog, and head over to our lovely green!

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Welcome to Play Lane Millennium Green

Our Aim is to provide and maintain an open space to be known as Play Lane Millennium Green for the benefit of the inhabitants and wildlife, to be used forever for recreation and enjoyment of the countryside.

Come and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Stand on the dipping platform over the pond and look for newts and frogs. There are often dragonflies and damselflies flitting across the water in the summer months.

Our Butterfly Meadow and other parts of the Green now support a large variety of wildflowers and insects. It is interesting to see the changes at different times of the year.
The majority of the footways are now stone based, thanks to the help of many people in getting the material to the site and laying and compacting it to form a hard-wearing surface.

Without the continued support from the organisations listed below, the Green would not be as it is today and we are grateful to everyone who has helped in so many different ways.

Hundreds of pounds are spent on the Green each year managing and maintaining it for all to enjoy, from local inhabitants to holidaymakers visiting the Isle of Wight. Even a small donation can help in this work.


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Latest News

2018 ~ 2019 Green Flag Community Award

We are delighted that, once again this year, we have received the Green Flag Community Award. This is a testament to all the hard work put in by so many people over nearly twenty years. Thank you all!

Hard work from the Green Gym again

On August 22nd the Green Gym paid us their second visit of the year. Although numbers were slightly depleted because of the holiday season, as usual, much work was done. One group was tasked to clear...

Enjoying our Green

On a summer day mist hangs low over the oak wood and a common spotted orchid and scarlet berries add interest to an early morning walk.

We need YOU!

As Play Lane Millennium Green is open for everyone to enjoy, we must have Public Liability Insurance. We also have to carry out regular management of bramble and scrub clearing as well as thinning of the oak trees to encourage optimum growth. Amongst all that, we have to carry out maintenance work on footpaths.

£500 minimum is needed each year to maintain the green to its best standard, for everyone to enjoy.

This is where you come in, follow the link below to find out how you can support the Green.

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