Frequently Asked Questions

What is Play Lane Millennium Green?

A Millennium Green is an open space for community use.

Our Green will be left as a haven for wild life and wild flowers, but the land also has to be managed to maintain the open spaces and thin the trees as they grow.

The land is owned by a charity and the Trustees are bound by the terms set out in the Deed of Trust which ensure that the land cannot be sold or developed

Who had the idea?

Local people took advantage of the Millennium Commission’s initiative in association with the Countryside Agency, to use National Lottery money to establish “Breathing Spaces” for communities all around the country.

How big is it?

Play Lane Millennium Green measures just under four acres.

Who paid for its creation?

Some money came from the Lottery via the Countryside Agency and volunteers raised equivalent funds to help with the purchase of the land. Other grants and donations were also received to fund the creation of the Green, the fencing, the sculpture and other essential costs such as Public Liability Insurance.

Why doesn’t the Council own it?

The Millennium Green is held by a Charitable Trust to protect the site from Political changes. The energy, money and commitment for this project comes from the actions of local people.

Who else is involved?

Some of the work in maintaining the site has been carried out by Community Service men and women. A local sculptor, Danny Stimson, created the stone Millennium memorial feature. Many local people have helped with fund raising by a sponsored dog walk, car boot sales, coffee mornings etc. The Isle of Wight Green Gym visit several times a year and help tremendously with maintenance work.

Is the Green finished?

No. In a sense it will never be finished as local people will always be needed to care for and protect the Green.

Who will carry out this work?

We hope that YOU will help and that as children from local schools become involved with the Green and the pond, they will take an interest and develop a sense of ownership.


What can I do to help?

If you are physically fit maybe you could help us with some of our projects. Perhaps you could help with fund raising or just tell other people about the Green and in turn they may have benefits they could bring. For more information contact us.

How do I donate?

You can donate by clicking here or you can send a cheque to ‘Fairlight’, Playstreet lane, Ryde PO33 3LJ

How do I ask a question?

You can contact us via our contact form. We will respond as soon as we can.