About Play Lane Millennium Green

Situated towards the south-west of Ryde, Isle of Wight, Play Lane Millennium Green provides a “Breathing Space” on the edge of a built-up area. We hope you enjoy looking at our website and that it may inspire you to visit our Green and enjoy its peaceful setting.

Do enjoy your picnic, and have fun with your dog, but please remember to take your litter home, and to not allow fouling of the footpaths.

Play Lane Millennium Green, with many other sites throughout the UK, was created in 1999 to mark the Millennium.

Money was raised locally and match funded by the Millennium Commission.

The Green, originally a field belonging to a smallholding, had not been cultivated since the 1970’s. This allowed acorns from the old mother oak to germinate, resulting in a small oak wood, which we are now developing into mixed woodland to provide a wider variety of food for wildlife. There are copses of hazel, four walnuts, field maple, rowan and wild service trees.

In 2005 a pond was dug and is now home to newts, dragon flies and frogs. The Butterfly meadow is kept clear of brambles and in the summer, is alive with butterflies, hover flies and other insects. All foliage is cut and removed in the autumn to create the less nutritious soil favoured by wild flowers. Yellow rattle was planted and this has now self-seeded for several years.

Limestone chipped footpaths are well used by local inhabitants, many of whom help with litter picking, fire watching and general surveillance of the Green.
The Trustees’ aim is to ensure that the Green continues to provide a welcoming habitat for all wildlife and a peaceful haven for local people.

Our Aim: To provide and maintain an open space to be known as Play Lane Millennium Green for the benefit of the inhabitants, to be used forever as an area for recreation and enjoyment of the countryside.

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