New Drive to Raise Money

We are starting a new drive to raise money for the necessary insurance and maintenance costs of the Green. We would like to ask regular users of the Green to give a small annual donation of £5 to £10 per annum. This can be done by way of the Everyclick website or by sending a cheque.

Please see new page for donations.



We need YOU!

As Play Lane Millennium Green is open for everyone to enjoy, we must have Public Liability Insurance. We also have to carry out regular management of bramble and scrub clearing as well as thinning of the oak trees to encourage optimum growth. Amongst all that, we have to carry out maintenance work on footpaths.

£500 minimum is needed each year to maintain the green to its best standard, for everyone to enjoy.

This is where you come in, follow the link below to find out how you can support the Green.

Donations & Fundraising