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Mar 28

Spring Programme can be Commenced

The Green was at its most wintery earlier this year after heavy snowfalls. This was followed by what seemed like weeks of rain and the stream could be heard from some distance away as it carried extra volumes of water.

At last the weather is improving and the Spring programme can be commenced. On March 11th the heaps of brambles cleared by the Green Gym last autumn, were burnt on a bonfire on the Butterfly meadow, some muddy areas were dressed with stones and trees were marked for thinning according to our Forestry Commission management plan. The majority of the thinning will take place in the autumn. This is essential to allow the stronger trees to grow well and produce a high woodland canopy in due course.

There had been some vandalism to the wattle fencing at the steps near the pond. The opportunity was taken to construct a much sturdier barrier at this site. Some of the oak tree thinnings will be used to construct the last section of post and rail fencing near the five barred gate.