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Sep 16

Tree Preservation Order has been Confirmed

We have recently heard that a Tree Preservation Order has been confirmed and applied to the whole of the Green. This means that anyone who damages trees on the site in any way, would face prosecution and a large fine.

If you use the Green regularly, please email us and tell us how often you walk there and for what purpose e.g. dog walking, using it as a short-cut, enjoying the countryside etc. and also what you think of the new footpaths. Grassroots who gave us the grant have asked for feedback from the local community.

We were delighted to hear from local dragonfly expert, Dave Dana that he had visited the pond in August and seen both Southern Hawker and Migrant Hawker dragonflies in the surrounding vegetation. Migrant Hawkers are more social than other species and on one occasion he observed eleven of them perched on tall dry plant stems beside the pond. They are carniverous and catch insects in flight so the pond was obviously supplying both insects and warm sunny spots to soak up the sun’s energy.

If you would like to find out more about dragonflies visit the British Dragonfly Society.