Survey of Trees, Flora, wasps, flies and micro moths.

Survey of Trees & Shrubs, Flora, Microfungi, Gall wasps, Flies and Micro-moths July 2013 updated August 2014
Trees & Shrubs 2013
Field Maple, Sycamore, Buddleia, Hazel, Hawthorn, Spindle, Ash, Holly, Sweet Bay, Bullace, Cherry Laurel, Portuguese Laurel, Blackthorn, Holm Oak/Evergreen Oak, Pedunculate Oak, Dog Rose, Bramble, Grey Willow, Elder, Yew, Wych Elm, English elm, 2014: Wild privet, Turkey oak.
Ground Flora & Climbers 2013
Yarrow, Garlic Mustard, Crow garlic/wild onion, Cuckoo-pint, Hedge bindweed, Common knapweed, Enchanter’s nightshade, Creeping thistle, Marsh thistle, Montbretia, Common spotted orchid, Canadian water weed, Great Hairy willow herb, Hoary willow herb, Wood spurge, Goose grass/cleavers, Herb Robert, Herb Bennet, Ground Ivy, Ivy, Hogweed, Tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum), Yellow flag iris, Nipplewort, Meadow vetchling, Ox-eye daisy, Honeysuckle, Bird’s foot Trefoil, Greater Bird’s foot Trefoil, Dotted loose strife, White water lily, Hemlock water dropwort, Corky fruited water dropwort, Ribwort plantain, Greater plantain, Equal leaved knotgrass, Creeping cinquefoil, Self-heal, Common fleabane, Meadow buttercup, Lesser spearwort, creeping buttercup, Broad dock, Wood dock, Common ragwort, Woody nightshade, Rough sow thistle, Hedge woundwort, Lesser stitchwort, Common comfrey, Black bryony, Dandelion, Red clover, White clover, Stinging nettle, Wood speedwell, Common dog violet, corn flower 2014: Agrimony, Bugle, Canadian fleabane, New Zealand pygmy weed, Horn wort, Square stalked St John’s wort, Persian speedwell, Thyme leaved speedwell.
Common bent, False oat-grass, False brome, Hairy brome, Cock’s foot, Tufted hair-grass, Tall fescue, Yorkshire fog, Perennial Rye Grass, Timothy, Wood meadow-grass, Rough meadow-grass, (12)
Ferns and fern-allies
Broad buckler fern, Male fern, Great horsetail, Hart’s tongue fern, Soft shield fern
Glaucous sedge, Pendulous sedge, Wood sedge
Sharp flowered rush, Jointed rush, Soft rush
Found on Black Bryony, Pendulous sedge, Great willow herb, Ash
Gall wasps
Three different types galling oak: oak marble gall wasp (Andricus kollari), acorn or knopper gall wasp (Andricus quercuscalicis) and curved leaf gall wasp (Andricus curvator)
and one galling dog rose, (Diplolepsis Rosae) which produces a “Robin’s pincushion” gall
Flies : “Canada Thistle Gall fly” galling Creeping Thistle

Micro moths:            Ectoedemia heringi mining oak
Phyllonorycter acerifoliella mining field maple