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Oct 02

End of September 2022 – Play Lane Millennium Green Update

As we come to the end of September 2022, we look back at the long, hot, dry summer and how it has affected nature in general and the Millennium Green in particular.

In general, our Oak trees and the under storey have been fairly resilient considering the winters of 2020 and 2021 were drier than usual.  It is not surprising therefore that indications of stress, such as early leaf drop and open areas suffering scorching.  In the north end of our wood a high number of Salic (Willow), have shed their leaves very early, mostly due to their growing area becoming much drier than usual this year.  An area which is normally very wet in comparison.

The Ash trees, also mainly in the northern section, are suffering from Ash Die Back, which means that we will probably have to cut them down this winter.  However, we are fortunate that we have a strong number of Hazel and Field Maple saplings coming up to compensate for the loss of the Ash trees.

Visitors may have noticed the new gateway/entrance installed on the southern boundary and we are currently investigating the possibility of planting a native hedgerow on the southern boundary bank.

We are aware that the Millennium Green is used by many regular walkers, some of whom keep an eye on things in general and some who pick up any litter as a way of supporting us.  Can we just say to all those people that we are very grateful for your help and support.

– Chairman, Ian Jefferies