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Nov 05

Green Gym visits in August and November 2016

The Green Gym paid us two more visits in 2016.  After their very wet May vist, by contrast in August, temperatures were reaching 30 degrees and volunteers were glad to find some shade in which to work. Once again they tackled a variety of jobs, including trimming pathways, cutting back brambles and clearing the mud from under the boardwalk.

gg-meadow-august       gg-drain       gg-bee     gg-butterfly

For their November visit, autumn was still lingering and a large group of GG members made short work of scything the Butterfly meadow and the entrance area, and then removing all the debris so that the soil doesn’t become too nutrient rich as this is not so good for wild flowers.

img_20161102_103118806_hdr      img_20161102_103124988_hdr      img_20161102_103105245_hdr        img_20161102_103459612        img_20161103_081223286

The sedge and iris which were growing apace along the far bank of the pond were also cut hard back. New Zealand pygmy weed is still a problem in the pond, but a major effort to remove as much as possible in October seems to be effective so far.

img_20161103_080429480_hdr    img_20161103_080620816     img_20161103_080647480     img_20161103_080539837     img_20161103_080954573     img_20161103_080458363_hdr      img_20161103_081452762

The first frosty morning in November.       Thanks to the Green Gym not only for the work they do but also for permission to use some of their photos.