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Mar 09

Play Lane Millennium Green Spring Update 2023

The friends and users of the Play Lane Millennium Green have probably noticed that Spring is around the corner. The Blackthorn is in flower and the buds are starting to break, the forester’s term for this is “flushing”. The time for planting trees and shrubs is fast coming to an end now and will not start again until late Autumn. However, these last few months have been a very busy time for the Trustees, Guardians and many other volunteers, such as the Green Gym.

Firstly, you may have noticed the newly planted hedgerow of five native species, which has strengthened the southern boundary, whilst also providing a food source for the woodland’s wildlife, particularly the squirrel population. Secondly, the enormous task of removing the diseased Ash trees nearest to all the pathways. Lastly, and probably the most significant change is the magnificent new path structure replacing the old raised wooden walkway. This had become necessary because some of the old wooden structure was wearing and beginning to break down exposing a number of metal bolts, which could have become a health and safety issue for visitors. The new path will be more secure and less prone to becoming slippery in wet weather. These improvements have all been achieved by an enormous amount of hard work by several Trustees, together with the support of a few volunteers and as always, the Green Gym. However, a special mention must also go to Sydenhams for ‘going the extra mile’, to Steve Cook who kindly loaned his compacting machine and to Helen Butler for providing the native hedgerow plants.

The Millennium Green is very popular and indeed much loved by all local users. Mother Nature is a powerful friend to us, giving us the air we breathe and the tools she provides that gives us new growth, providing food and giving life. Should we not but help her with all our heart and soul.

Ian Jefferies